On 19th March 2020, the Government met and approved emergency measures to help tenants who have been affected by the Covid 19 crisis. The emergency period during which rent increases and termination of tenancies (in all but exceptional circumstances) are prohibited has now been extended to 20 July 2020.


In order to assist renters, a moratorium or ban on evictions (in all but exceptional circumstances) and rent increases was imposed to ensure people stay in their homes during the crisis. This ban has now been extended to 20 July 2020


However, tenants are still expected to pay their rent during this period and for those struggling to make payments, there are rent supplements available from Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Tenants should also contact their landlords directly who have been asked to “show forbearance and reach local arrangements” by the Department of Housing.


These emergency measures are only in place during the Covid 19 crisis, after which residential tenancies will revert to current legislative provisions. However, emergency period may be extended further by Government Order, if necessary.


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